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What Matters Most? Quality or Price?

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It’s hard to be aware that auto reconditioning is a skilled trade and takes a lot of experience to gain outstanding results. At Dent Time we take great steps educating our customers that in most cases, if you “buy cheap, you buy twice.”

Unfortunately most people want the cheapest repair but at the moment, not concerned with quality. Just because you shop around for the best bargain doesn’t mean you will always get the best repair. Paintless dent removal (PDR) or bumper scratch repair is not like going to the store and buying a gallon of milk. Every repair situation is unique and requires independent skill and expertise. That is why there are so many price differences between companies and the biggest difference is quality. The lack of overall experience and caliber in the end will show unpromising results after your commitment has already been made.

At Dent Time we stand behind our work 100% with a written lifetime warranty as well. But that is not the main factor. Our service has great value besides the guarantees. We offer professional mobile service, performed in the same day (1-4 hours to be exact) and save you lots time and money.

Moral of story, if you plan to choose Dent Time, the overall value you will receive is more than you paid for and won’t have to worry in the end.

Body Line Part 2 Trailer – Download Out Now

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Well folks, we finally completed the body line tutorial part 2. The reason I say part 2 is because it is a spin off from the M35 tutorial that was real successful and we received a lot of positive feed back. So there were some questions from the first and I decided to do another one like it but with me narrating it and animating the important parts you should see and take note.

This paintless dent repair tutorial is considered an advance dent repair but all are welcome to purchase if your curiosity sees fit. If you are a beginner, I am not saying it won’t help you but it is best if you go in sequence. Start from the first Episode 1 and follow along from there. I try to keep my tutorials balanced for all types of pdr techs. Beginners, advanced and those who really are curious about the line board the benefit it offers.

I am trying to make this as simple as possible. Now simple is never really used in pdr because it isn’t. My point is that how I explain the process. But don’t worry, I have plenty more video tutorials coming out. Episode 2 should be coming out soon for download and you won’t want to miss out on the knock down technique.

Anyhow, the download is available for $25 and well worth it. Here is the direct link (download info) and as you notice, here is the trailer of the advanced body line part 2


Big Dent Demo

Paintless dent removal is a delicate process and demands the best experience at all times. Dent Time offers true practical knowledge and takes tremendous pride in our work.

We have established a strong reputation for being the best at what we do. We don't cut corners when it comes to the integrity of your vehicle and more importantly the quality of your repair. Our service is fast, affordable and done right, on-site with a lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee. 1-858-699-2054

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