The two week paintless dent repair training course is designed to help you polish what was learned in the first session and put it on a more solid foundation.

You'll be introduced with different types of dents under varying situations so that when your training is complete, not only do we have all aspects covered but also know how best utilize them!


This 2 week paintless dent repair / removal (pdr) course offers a very challenging, personal curriculum. The two week pdr training course offers more time to practice your techniques while learning and developing consistent good habits. In addition you’ll learn some advanced dent repair techniques, crown recognition, glue pulling, light creases, body lines and an introduction to big dent removals.

The two week paintless dent repair training course is designed to polish what you learned in the first week and put to work what you learned on a consistent foundation. You will be introduced to more types of dents in different situations. Depending on your learning curve, we move you into more challenging dents. You’ll also experience indoor and outdoor settings that train you for real situations that you will see in the wholesale and retail market.

Unlike any other pdr school, we want you to understand the truth. Learning pdr is very challenging, even though we offer a 2 week paintless dent removal  training course, we strongly recommend you consider the 4 week pdr training course. Unfortunately many underestimate the time, skill and patience allowed to learn the art of paintless dent removal.

What You Will Learn In 2 Weeks.

Please understand every student is different, including yourself. It all depends how well you understand how to read the line board, getting your tool tip location (pin pointing) down and developing lots of patience. This 2 week pdr training course does involve glue pulling as well but don’t be surprised if most of your training is spent on how to finish deep dings. Finishing is the most important aspect of pdr. Without learning how to finish, you will struggle on creases, body lines and stretched dents. The first two weeks alone will take a lot of time getting use to your muscle memory, knocking down and identifying the details of the line board reflection. Our pdr training is NOT a set curriculum – which means, we are not going to move you on to the next level if you don’t understand what you have been learning. Our goal is to help you maintain and develop excellent pdr habits. From there, your foundations starts as a clean pdr tech who will make less mistakes with much better pdr repairs.

Real PDR Training

Paintless dent removal demands a lot patience and maturity. You will also be in awkward positions at times but PDR is about using your body as leverage most of the time. Long as you are in great physical condition and you are mature with patience, PDR just might be for you. 

That will depend on your tenacity, skillset and marketing. Good news is that our PDR training program offers a blueprint how to earn your money back and then some in the first year. But to answer your question, expect to make between 25k-100k your first year with lots of hard work.  

Absolutely not. Our training program is one of the most successful if not the best individual PDR training programs in the world. 

Yes, PDR is very hard to learn. Anyone telling you otherwise is either telling you what you want to hear or not very experienced. Good news is Myke Toledo has over 20 years experience teaching paintless dent removal from ground up. This high pdr training experience can quickly identify your challenges you will face and help overcome them quicker for a faster learning curve. 

Dent Time PDR Training Courses


I speak with knowledge of the ups and downs from my own PDR life. My consultation and advisory services are based upon valuable expertise gained firsthand. If PDR is going to be your future, why not invest just 15 minutes and talk to me.

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I’m here to help you. I know that starting a PDR business can be daunting and confusing, but by working with me on your plans for success we will make sure everything is in place before opening up shop!

I've been involved at all levels of PDR – so if this sounds like something worthwhile then let's talk today about how together we can build your skillset to produce great results...




Myke Toledo

PDR Instructor



Here are a library of PDR training videos we produced over the years. Some are based during the pdr learning process and some offer straight advice. 


For years, I passionately taught myself how to become better. It was a slow and painful journey for sure; but with the help of my passion--and decades worth (literally) experience, I'm able to teach others what they need in order -- not only be good at paintless dent repair but prosper too!--I created the right framework!

My knowledge is now more powerful than ever before because this time around - there is no trial or error: we're going straight into action...which means you don't have anything else left except success.

-Myke Toledo