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Introducing our most complete PDR training course we offer. It combines all of what you have learned from the first 3 weeks and then some. By now you will feel confident and ready to test your skills at almost anything we throw at you, or shall we say, dent at you! It’s still very challenging because we don’t sugar coat your dent repairs. In other words, we don’t give you easy dents to remove. We give you all types of dents to remove, including; creases, deep body lines, deep center pit dings, hidden crowns and trapped pressure dents.

You will notice a significant difference between the second week and your 4th week of the PDR training. Our goal is to train, teach and test you as much as possible so you can hit the field with more knowledge and experience. We’re not guaranteeing you’ll be ready for everything, but we will guarantee it will take you a much shorter amount of time to gain the experience compared to a 1 week course. (Which we do not offer because it will not allow you enough time to learn PDR properly.)

Our 4 week PDR training course was designed to start you out crawling and end you up running. As a continued 24 plus year PDR tech myself, I understood how it was to struggle and feel like giving up. Trial and error is not what I teach. I teach only what works and leave out what doesn’t. This is why I recommend the 4 week course because it may be a little more than you can afford or be away from work, but overall, it saves you both time and money.

Below you will see that our 4 week pdr training is beyond basic. This repair demonstrates the skill you will need to remove a complex deep dent on a body line. We teach you exactly step by step the techniques and the tools needed to achieve such repairs. this takes much patience, we instruct you to stay in good habit. More important, not to create more damage like break paint and jeopardize the overall pdr repair. By now, you know what is good habit and what is not.

What You Will Learn in 4 Weeks

As mentioned in the 2 week pdr training program, most of your time is spent on removing deep dings and dents. Getting the last 5-10% of the dent out is the hardest part about learning and performing paintless dent repair. Any pdr tech will admit I am correct and at times, it still can be a challenge even for a veteran pdr tech.

With 4 weeks of pdr training, you have days of training on each type of repairs and techniques we introduce you to. We wish we could say this 4 week pdr training curriculum will entail everything you could possibly learn but you won’t. As days go on during your pdr training, you really become to realize, this takes a lot of patience and time to develop. 4 weeks gives you the best chance to polish your techniques into solid good work habits. Throw the word “practice” out the window. We feel that word is abused and an escape goat for other pdr training schools. There’s a difference between the word, “practice” and “perfecting.” When you leave our curriculum, we expect you to go out and do real pdr repairs without delay. Sure, you will struggle at times but it’s about being confident and knowing what can be done.

In order for you to really see what the pdr industry is about, is to experience it. Our unique pdr training starts off in a set environment with real cars, then gradually taken to the dealerships, body shops and retail clients. You are not doing ride a longs and watching the instructor. We put you right in the mix so you build what you have learned into self confidence. Our intentions are to not only teach you the best pdr skills but jump start your experience at a smooth and steady pace.

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