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PDR Dent Gun Mini Lifter – Quick Look

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OI6A2820As Paintless dent removal keeps evolving, so are the tools. Something that caught my eye was the Dent Gun from Keco. Keco for the first time had a booth at Mobile Tech Expo this year. It’s a mini lifter shaped like a gun. Technically it’s not very mini at all but the benefits are something to consider over your traditional lifter.

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Harley Motorcycle Electra Glide – Gas Tank Dent Repair – San Diego

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Hello everyone again. It’s been a busy week for me and challenging to say the least. Lately I have been doing a lot of personal training and that is a good reason I have not been blogging in awhile. But between training and actually doing some pdr repairs, I find the time to film and share my experiences. So lets get started.

OK, well this was a Harley Davidson – Electra Glide motorcycle tank that obviously had a nasty dent. I always say almost every dent is challenging but it’s true, they are! If I feel the dent repairs I perform are not challenging then I guess I would have been out of the business altogether a long time ago. I also like to be challenged because then I am not bored with what I do. I feel once there is no room to grow, it’s time to move on. With PDR, there are always new challenges as long as you are willing to accept them. But I guess that is true with real life anyways? But back to the topic.

Motorcycle tanks vary in thickness and contours. But those are just a couple of factors to consider. Depth, access and location are the most significant. Next comes experience because when the gauge of the metal is thick, it makes it very difficult to find your tool tip. And this tank was all about that! For the first 30 minutes I struggled to find my tool. The next challenge was keeping my tool tip balanced from the backside. Why? Because when the metal is crease deep, it creates a ridge or mountain on the inside. I had to pinpoint my tool exactly on the peek to get it to move. In most cases I was slipping and I mean a lot. Between myself smelling like a greasy mechanic that took a bath in fuel, I managed to have some success… eventually.

My advice to anyone attempting a Harley Davidson gas tank dent repair is be prepared for a battle. Bring a lot of soft tips and stiff tools. Also it wouldn’t hurt to go to the gym and work on your deltoid and biceps for additional natural strength. You’ll need it.


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