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PDR Dent Gun Mini Lifter – Quick Look

OI6A2820As Paintless dent removal keeps evolving, so are the tools. Something that caught my eye was the Dent Gun from Keco. Keco for the first time had a booth at Mobile Tech Expo this year. It’s a mini lifter shaped like a gun. Technically it’s not very mini at all but the benefits are something to consider over your traditional lifter.

Unlike other mini lifters, the main frame can articulate 360 degrees around. This helps you adjust for tight areas or uneven areas you need to glue pull. The feet are just as flexible with ball joints for easy pivot positioning. This came in very handy for the dent I was removing on this gas tank. Even though the dent was wider then the feet. This made it all possible so I could turn the feet on edge of the dent and manage to get a sturdy pull.

You probably might be wondering why am I using Atlas tabs when Keco makes their own. Well truthfully, I didn’t have a wide enough Keco tab that would work to pull bigger areas. In my opinion, both tab companies are superior in their trade. I figure in the real PDR world, a PDR tech will have more than one brand of glue tabs. After all, this is a true and honest first look at the Dent Gun with different tabs.

Without the Dent Gun, it would have been more challenging definitely. I usually have a special vise for gas tanks but unfortunately this tank had no good place to mount. Luckily I could glue pull without a big struggle. I also should mention the Dent Gun has a unique benefit to ratchet your pull. In other words, it can keep tension on a dent with a trigger on the back. This helped especially so I could tap down a crown without the low going back down or getting bigger. That alone is a huge plus.

The Dent Gun proves so far to be a good asset. For some it my not be ideal. I do think it will take just a few times for your hand to get use to where you squeeze the lever but the benefits out weigh the cons so far. Later I will have a video review regarding the Dent Gun and the Centipede tab they also came out with.

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