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When you come to learn at Dent Time, you’ll experience almost every new PDR tool on the market. Paintless dent removal continues to grow and so do the innovations and the dynamics of the tools. Not only do you learn how to use the PDR tools but get comfortable about what tools you prefer. We don’t force you to buy “our” PDR tools but offer that “try before you buy” experience. You’ll be introduced to almost every type of PDR tool manufacturer in the business. In most cases, we can assist with discounts to help you save some extra dough if you choose to purchase additional tools during your PDR training.

It’s important for you to have practical knowledge of the strong and weak points of each rod and wire.  Not all paintless dent repair tool companies offer the best tools across the board. You’ll have first hand knowledge and get to judge for yourself what you like and don’t. Paintless dent removal tools are like mechanic tools. Completely self preference and as you become more experienced, the more certain you’ll come to be when choosing your specific type of PDR tools.