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Over the last few years, I have bought a few of PDR Finesse tools and thought I would give a review. I bought my first tool from them in 2009 and been buying more since.

My latest purchases were the adjustable door tools and fender lip tool. Before I ordered these tools, I had a student come see me to learn more about the line board reflection. He brought his own favorite tools and two of them were from PDR Finesse. I had a chance to check them out and really liked how they felt in my hand. Now I have some similar ones from Blehm Tools as well. But I can’t help myself, when another PDR tool company makes a great tool, I have to buy it, even if it’s almost the same. Notice I said, “almost.”

The finesse tool brand is built very well, rigid and strong. The tip of the tool is machined very nice with a sharp edge. I like sharp edges because it gives me an advantage when I am finishing my dents to pin point the last 5% of the pit.