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PDR Finesse Tools ( review 1)

Over the last few years, I have bought a few of PDR Finesse tools and thought I would give a review. I bought my first tool from them in 2009 and been buying more since.

My latest purchases were the adjustable door tools and fender lip tool. Before I ordered these tools, I had a student come see me to learn more about the line board reflection. He brought his own favorite tools and two of them were from PDR Finesse. I had a chance to check them out and really liked how they felt in my hand. Now I have some similar ones from Blehm Tools as well. But I can’t help myself, when another PDR tool company makes a great tool, I have to buy it, even if it’s almost the same. Notice I said, “almost.”

The finesse tool brand is built very well, rigid and strong. The tip of the tool is machined very nice with a sharp edge. I like sharp edges because it gives me an advantage when I am finishing my dents to pin point the last 5% of the pit.

So about these first set of tools. Again, these are similar to the ones I purchased but have a bit of a different curved heel to them. Depending on your preference, you can order them as you see or go online and choose similar ones like these. The are shaved half way through the tool so you will have no problems gaining access between your window guard and the door skin. I find the tool very easy to adjust on the fly which keeps my concentration on the dent instead of stopping and readjusting.

I called Ike to send me two tools like my student had. After talking to Ike some more, he suggested a couple different ones. So I agreed and as usual, these arrived within 4-5 days. The longer one is great for door dents below the molding and thin enough to get between the braces as well. Both come standard with a ratchet handle style too. One thing I really like about my shorter door tool is that it’s a reverse adjustable ratchet. In other words, instead of pulling up, you push down to adjust. I appreciate this a lot because I find it less possible to move out of position when I make small up and down adjustments.

Another tool I ordered was the fender lip tool. It was a surprise when it came because I spoke to Ike and he told me he has a unique tool he sells a lot. So I asked him to send me one and charge my card. Within another 4-5 days, I received this very different looking tool. It’s bent in three different areas to give the angle for the tip to make contact. Probably the most unique thing about the tool is the screw on tip that looks like a flat head screw driver. It also comes with two other tips that has tip holders welded on the side. I thought this was clever so you can have convenient access to change your tips very quickly.

When it comes to the flat head tip, I would suggest tapping your tip because it is very sharp and can pock the metal and paint if not careful. The tool does deliver what it was meant for. The flat head tip gets into the edge and works the hard access area well. You can even switch the tip to the plastic one (included) to side load and prevent push marks as well. I also appreciate the adjustable ratchet handle as well, because there would be times when the tire can be right in the way when you are pushing.

Now this isn’t a tool you would be using all the time but when you need it, you will be glad you own it. Nothing like doing a great PDR job on a fender and then your customer is now staring at the last 10% of the dent you couldn’t get to. It’s a great tool for those special hard edge dents on the fender.

PDR Finesse makes very high quality PDR tools. They aren’t cheap by any means but you can’t argue you need good tools to do a good job. Talk to Ike and order your tools today. You won’t regret it.







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