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3 week PDR Training Going Well

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For those that are following how Dan is doing with his paintless dent repair training, I have an update. Today was the official start of his third week of pdr training.

The first week we did a lot of ding removals. Some were easy and some were challenging. As I train Dan, I remind him that it’s all about the quality and he has definitely kept that in mind. His pushes are incredibly accurate without making irreversible mistakes like; paint cracks and guessing.

The second week was all about learning to control the tool tip and perfecting how to finish. PDR starts with a foundation and builds from there. I can not teach a student beyond the basics without them Knowing how to perfect the fundamentals of paintless dent repair. Learning the art of paintless dent removal starts from the basics of being able to read the line board, tool tip location, tool usage and developing muscle memory. All these factors when taught correctly build a good habit. Advanced paintless dent repair can not be achieved until the basics have been mastered.

Dan has made impressive progress thanks to his dedication and disciplined patience without giving up. Staring at a panel with lines going across the damaged area can take toll on a pdr trainee. As I mention in most of my articles or posts, pdr is not easy to learn but learning from the right instructor CAN make it all the better.

Today we had a great opportunity to work and train on a late model Mercedes Benz. Dan who did 85% of the dent. He started on this dent at about 10:45am and finished around 3pm. No lunch break in between, just a couple of small water breaks. Now I don’t starve my pdr students, it’s just we eat a big breakfast before we do pdr training.

Now the videos you are about to see are raw and unedited. Dan did most of this dent as you will see. We worked on hidden crowns, glue pulled, worked the body line, tapped down like about 500-800 times and crossed check like crazy.

Check out Dan’s pdr training progress and you be the judge. Please visit our main website for more info

Please visit our main website for more info

— Myke Toledo

Ford Paintless Dent Repair Video – Advanced PDR Training

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When it comes to performing paintless dent repair and door ding removal – some of you may or may not know, Ford sheet metal is very tough to work with compared to other car manufactures. Why? I don’t have a solid answer I can give so this is pure speculation. It’s definitely springy and has a lot of memory. Meaning when you push on the dent, it has a lot of resistance. If the pressure is not released correctly, you won’t have a lot fun for sure.

The dent I did in this video took me just under 6 1/2 hours. Yes I used heat and a lot. I didn’t explain much because I am also using the footage for a more detailed explained dvd video I will be selling in the future. There is a lot of detail I did not show on purpose but enough to demonstrate it wasn’t easy. Now did the dent come out 100%? No. Not even. How much do I think it did? About 90-95%. To a general retail customer it would seem just about perfect. Why couldn’t I get it 100%? Well for one thing it had cracked / split paint on the inside of the dent near the edge. I had to me so careful not to induce more splitting by pushing too much. This was the main reason for using a heat too.

I can’t always tell if I can get a dent out or not but I can for sure always try.

Big Dent Demo

Paintless dent removal is a delicate process and demands the best experience at all times. Dent Time offers true practical knowledge and takes tremendous pride in our work.

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