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Ford Paintless Dent Repair Video – Advanced PDR Training

When it comes to performing paintless dent repair and door ding removal – some of you may or may not know, Ford sheet metal is very tough to work with compared to other car manufactures. Why? I don’t have a solid answer I can give so this is pure speculation. It’s definitely springy and has a lot of memory. Meaning when you push on the dent, it has a lot of resistance. If the pressure is not released correctly, you won’t have a lot fun for sure.

The dent I did in this video took me just under 6 1/2 hours. Yes I used heat and a lot. I didn’t explain much because I am also using the footage for a more detailed explained dvd video I will be selling in the future. There is a lot of detail I did not show on purpose but enough to demonstrate it wasn’t easy. Now did the dent come out 100%? No. Not even. How much do I think it did? About 90-95%. To a general retail customer it would seem just about perfect. Why couldn’t I get it 100%? Well for one thing it had cracked / split paint on the inside of the dent near the edge. I had to me so careful not to induce more splitting by pushing too much. This was the main reason for using a heat too.

I can’t always tell if I can get a dent out or not but I can for sure always try.

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Advanced PDR Training

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  1. Just curious, do most places refuse to perform PDR on Fords due to the metal issue? I have a dent in mine and have been turned down by a shop. It is obviously time consuming, so will anyone out there do it?

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