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Hammer TimeOkay, so I see my friend Craig from Ireland has this awesome looking hammer. Matter of fact he has three different types! I must say, they look beautiful! So I asked where he got them from and he gave me a person called Bob. He’s very nice and their customer service was top notch.

So what can I say about the hammer.. Nothing but it feels great in the hand and balanced. I haven’t even hit anything with it yet but I’m sure I won’t be dissapointed. Now don’t ask me if I will video and later give a full blow review because I already have plenty on my plate as of now. But you guys and gals deserve good info with high def photos to see! 🙂 I took some very detailed shots of this HAND MADE tap down hammer. Yes, HAND MADE. Really though, just like my past tools, this one is so nice, I’m afraid to use it.

Now lets talk about cost. It’s pretty costly ($325 and yes I paid for it) but when you feel this thing in your hand, you can tell there was some thought and craftsmanship put into this puppy. It looks and feels like it’s from the movie terminator 2. You’ll be looking good when you are tapping down the tiny, little, bitty high with a gleaming solid high polished hammer. 🙂 Seriously, I can’t wait to put the smack down on some crowns and high spots. I use mainly my Ultra Dent high polished tap down most of the time so it will match up well together. Ha, PDR fashion, never thought I would be so concerned but now that I have them both, it’s kinda nice.

Now do you need one? Sure if you feel the need to be a tool freak and like PDR tools. I like this one the best out of the three because I can attach any tip I want including a blending tip of my choice. He makes them in different lengths as well for you hail guys too. I just have the shorter one becuase I am mainly a route and retail tech. Again, I haven’t tapped down nothing yet so this technically isn’t an official review. It’s merely a “first thought” post about the product. I heard from several people it has very good reflect when tapping down. By the way, in case you are woondering, my hammer weighs 10.2 ounces. If you do plan to purchase one, be prepared to wait. Bob has a bit of a wait like one to two weeks. Although if you are planning to attend MTE in Orlando, Florida, he’ll be there with some on hand for sale. Check out his website for more info. [cincopa AYFA6DLEqzfr]

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