Beware of Bad Bad Bumper Repair

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I was walking in a parking lot at Walmart in my way in and saw a very common thing that happens when a person lets a non professional bumper repair company work on their vehicle. A very terrible repair that was so bad, the bumper would now need replacement.

Unfortunately some people want the cheapest repair and end up paying a much bigger price in the end. But how could this happen? Who would pay for such a thing? I see it a lot and hear it a lot. There are rip off artists going around claiming they work for a legit and professional bumper repair company but is doing this on the side for a cheaper cost. They work out of an unmarked vehicle (usually, sometimes have a cheap magnet on), do work with NO work order and no uniform.

These con artists approach people who have damage on their vehicles in parking lots and neighborhoods. Mainly targeting woman and elderly. They also intimidate the victim if they question the quality of their work.

The work these con artists do is very common with the same story. They unfortunately convince the victim to use their untrustworthy service by giving them a false story and a real business card of a legit business.

Luckily for some, victims have called me and checked before they had given the con artists the ok. And others had not. At the end if their repair, it looks like paste or bubble gum. Then explain how it will wash or wax right off the next day. They never intend to do a good job nor do they care. They generally want cash and rarely accept checks because they don’t want to be tracked.

Use common sense and don’t let anyone work on your vehicle without proper identification, in uniform with a marked vehicle and work order.

Our divisions, Dent Time and Bumper Time are licensed, insured and registered with BAR.

Please contact us direct if you have any questions at 858-699-2054.

— Myke Toledo

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