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Author Archives: Myke Toledo

New Download Dent Repair Tutorial Preview

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So one of my many requests I am asked about is the body line dents. To be honest, between body line dents and creases are almost neck and neck. Both are complex and both can be even more complex if it is real deep.

In this paintless dent repair technique through an animated tech article, Basically, through a video. This is a preview of what it looks like but with full animation and myself narrating. I explain a detailed process with the type of tools I used and why. I also talk about crowns, releasing pressure, and the line process.

I don’t have an exact release date but it should be by the end of this month or early July. Meanwhile, take a look at the preview and comment as you want.

PDR Advice – Push Yourself to Perform Better

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Well , here is a dent I recently did about two weeks ago. I filmed it and it came out pretty decent. I never promised my customer a 100% repair but I knew it would be about a 100% better than the before. Besides, that is always a rule of thumb. It’s not an excuse not to perform a great repair but instead enhance the expectations of the customer in the end. In other words, don’t over promise your customer.

This post is not just about the results of a dent repair but understanding that not every repair you attempt (not matter what experience you have) you may not always get it out perfect or close to. The important thing is that you try 100%. Your effort alone will reward you in the future even if you feel the job was not worth charging for.

Discipline Yourself

Consider advertising public you don’t charge if your customer is not happy with your results. If you really want to stand out from the rest, advertise you don’t charge if the customer can still see it. Your game will step up believe me. You don’t want to work for free but you should not settle for “good enough” either.

Obviously if you are upfront before you start a repair, the customer understands you will do your best and as long as you meet their expectations or beyond, you will continue to grow as an experienced pdr technician.

In general, every pdr tech has their moments. But don’t settle on “labeling” yourself as one type of pdr tech. You either know how to remove all type of dents or you don’t. In the past there were a lot of pdr techs that limited themselves as “I just do door dings” or “I just fix dents on top panels.” No those techs are either starving or out of business. The more well rounded you want to become, the more business opportunities you will have. If you are afraid of the bigger dents, then get help and take the step to grow your company and your personal pdr skills. It won’t hurt, believe me.

Well, I’m Myke Toledo and hope this post was helpful. If you have any comments, please let me know. I’ll be glad to answer.

New PDR Paintless Dent Repair Downloadable Tutorials / Video Pod Cast

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I have several tutorials coming out in July. I have been working like a dog, promoting, producing and taking care of the family in between. Lately I ahve finished up some tutorials for download. They will be available through Autolecture.com and reconexpress.com as well.

I have some ideas on the next ones but if you are willing to comment and give me some ideas what you would like to see, please do. I will pick one of the people who comment and do a segment on it as well.

I ahve also been working on some podcasts as well. I talk about useful tips and techniques and demonstrate which tools help me remove dents easier and faster.

Well hope most of you enjoy my blog and I’ll try to keep it interesting as possible. So have a great weekend and may all your doot dings and things… be little ones!

M3 PDR Training Dent Repair Tutorial – Paintless Dent Removal

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What’s up everyone. I through a little highlight of this M3 BMW dent repair video I did recently. This dent was extremely deep and and on the verge of “No Can Do” due to the location and depth. There were 3 things that made this dent extremely difficult. Depth, location and type of dent (crease).

To an ordinary person, the dent is obvious but beyond obvious, it has a crease inside the dent that went across the body line. I needed to use heat. Oh and yes, even us Cali pdr techs use heat even with our sunny weather. Always pack your heat! Heat gun that is.

There were some details about the tools used and tips used to remove the dent but I will ad that on my dvds coming out this winter. I hope you like and please leave a comment. It lets me know what you like and don’t. Take care and enjoy the video.

Body Line Dent Repair PDR Training – Part 3

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Alright everyone, I was recording Alex’s progress in regards to performing high quality paintless dent removal with body lines. I don’t give out details about my process how I train but you can definitely see his progress through the video. This was the beginning of his 3rd week and he’s doing amazing. Both him and Fotis are establishing themselves as future premier PDR techs.

The hardest thing about learning how to remove body line dents is keeping your tool tip accurate. If you make a miss-push, then you have to correct it. Don’t let it get out of hand. My training is known for clean and symmetrical repairs that have not pock marks, micro cracks in the paint or looks messy.

Alex and Fotis were taught this technique the first week. The second is perfecting and well by the 3rd week, you can see the results yourself. That’s why 4 weeks is always the best way to go for really grasping and understanding the full nature of the PDR repair process. Meanwhile, take a look and you’ll see what I mean.

Stay tuned, we have more to come…


Big Dent Demo

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