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PDR Advice – Push Yourself to Perform Better

Well , here is a dent I recently did about two weeks ago. I filmed it and it came out pretty decent. I never promised my customer a 100% repair but I knew it would be about a 100% better than the before. Besides, that is always a rule of thumb. It’s not an excuse not to perform a great repair but instead enhance the expectations of the customer in the end. In other words, don’t over promise your customer.

This post is not just about the results of a dent repair but understanding that not every repair you attempt (not matter what experience you have) you may not always get it out perfect or close to. The important thing is that you try 100%. Your effort alone will reward you in the future even if you feel the job was not worth charging for.

Discipline Yourself

Consider advertising public you don’t charge if your customer is not happy with your results. If you really want to stand out from the rest, advertise you don’t charge if the customer can still see it. Your game will step up believe me. You don’t want to work for free but you should not settle for “good enough” either.

Obviously if you are upfront before you start a repair, the customer understands you will do your best and as long as you meet their expectations or beyond, you will continue to grow as an experienced pdr technician.

In general, every pdr tech has their moments. But don’t settle on “labeling” yourself as one type of pdr tech. You either know how to remove all type of dents or you don’t. In the past there were a lot of pdr techs that limited themselves as “I just do door dings” or “I just fix dents on top panels.” No those techs are either starving or out of business. The more well rounded you want to become, the more business opportunities you will have. If you are afraid of the bigger dents, then get help and take the step to grow your company and your personal pdr skills. It won’t hurt, believe me.

Well, I’m Myke Toledo and hope this post was helpful. If you have any comments, please let me know. I’ll be glad to answer.

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