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What’s up everyone. I through a little highlight of this M3 BMW dent repair video I did recently. This dent was extremely deep and and on the verge of “No Can Do” due to the location and depth. There were 3 things that made this dent extremely difficult. Depth, location and type of dent (crease).

To an ordinary person, the dent is obvious but beyond obvious, it has a crease inside the dent that went across the body line. I needed to use heat. Oh and yes, even us Cali pdr techs use heat even with our sunny weather. Always pack your heat! Heat gun that is.

There were some details about the tools used and tips used to remove the dent but I will ad that on my dvds coming out this winter. I hope you like and please leave a comment. It lets me know what you like and don’t. Take care and enjoy the video.