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My experience working with body shops has been pretty much successful. At first when pdr came around, body shops were defensive about us doing dents for them. They thought that paintless dent repair was a gimic and could not be a reliable service. Now don’t get me wrong, I would be too especially in the infency stages because the results varied drastically.

But since then, pdr has become the “go to service” when it comes to saving the body shop time and money. Now I know most body shops are not going to keep a customers car for a simple door ding. They rather just give the referal to their pdr guy. But if the body shop has a ding where they need to blend, they can use pdr instead of do traditional body work. PDR is also a big asset for “push to paint” which means if a body shop has 5 hour repair for a big dent, they can sub contract a PDR tech and do it in less time and make more money.

As PDR techs become more skilled the bigger and more complex dents they can do. When most body shops see this is a great opportunity to take advantage. But the key is to have a highly experienced and skilled PDR techs who not only saves them money but makes them money.

I won’t be surprised in the near future that every body shop will have the term “paintless dent removal” as a stand alone service on their website and advertising content.

Body shops I believe within 5-10 years will most likely start to branch into not only PDR but the automotive reconditioning market as well. If PDR companies can turn into body shops, why can’t body shops turn into the cosmetic reconditioning business? Less headaches, less dictating from the insurance companies, lower supplies and overhead. It’s just some food for thought…

— Myke Toledo

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