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Well lots have came out in the last year for paintless dent removal tools. I will do some quick and informational reviews about my latest pdr tool purchases.

Not in any order, here are some of the latest Pdr tools.

Druztoolz slide hammer and hammer. I love the hammer, and uses dent craft tips of your choice.

Another interesting Pdr tool hammer is the Dent Force telescoping blending hammer.

PDR Finesse Tools consistently makes great tools and their latest fender lip tool Has high hopes. I will let you know in the near future what I think soon as I get enough field tests.

Another Pdr tool from Druz Toolz is the sleek Slide Hammer. More to come on this too.

The Anaconda is hard to get (made in Russia) and comparable to the Dent Dial. It has some great accessories but still different then the Dent Dial. Both have their own advantages. I will post a comparable review as well.

The Atlas Arsenal is a super glue pull kit featuring Atlas tabs, new Titan tabs and Dent Dynamics Slide Hammer.

Look for my new PDR reviews as the month goes on.