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PDR LED Light Review | Paintless Dent Repair

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Hello, my name is Myke Toledo. I wanted to share some of my thoughts about the latest PDR LED Lights that are available. Now, I was not able to review every LED light made from other PDR companies. I understand I left some out but this is based on my own purchases and what seemed to interest me at the time.

Since I have been in the PDR industry, the development and innovation of lighting has come a long way.Portability, weight and efficiency seem to be the main stream of the new PDR lights. And added to those benefits are now LED lighting. My latest review will be about some common PDR light stands, LED reflections and even a cordless LED light option. So join me as I share my findings and hope you find this review interesting.

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New Glue Tabs Product for Paintless Dent Repair / Removal (PDR)

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We were recently sent some Atlas glue pull tabs to test out in the field and let me tell you, they work awesome. I was very impressed with the face of the tab let alone the unique hex head shaft as well. I have worked with other pdr glue tabs including; Tiddy Tabs, Tomco, Keco and Worth tabs. All very well made tabs but the ease of use and durability says a lot. Atlas tabs don’t break pre-maturely and very easy to clean. Unlike other tabs, you have to pick the glue out if you don’t clean them right away after a pull. Who has time for that when you are in the middle of an intense repair?

Anyhow, we give the Atlas glue tabs a 2 thumbs up! You can visit AutoLecture.com for purchasing and more info as well.


New PDR Tool Product – The Ultimate Glue Cutter

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I used this glue cutter to cut through that tough hard glue on a BMW 3 series last week and boy did it work well. Super sharp teeth that can easily slice open your hand, so be careful and place it away from your normal grab bag or tool case. This tool needs a special area so you don’t loose a finger!

For a glue cutter, it’s a little pricey but way worth the struggle and frustration you save when releasing the braces that cause the dents to stay in. I have almost busted my knuckles using other glue cutters but compared to this ultimate glue cutter, I can’t complain one bit.

Here is the video about the product and you can purchase the product from AutoLecture.com


PDR Line Board Light Goes to Prduction – Dent Repair Tools

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If you have been following our blog, you probably noticed we use a line board reflection on all our paintless dent removal PDR repairs. Well now we endorse the DT (Dent Time) Lighted Line Board. So many people and technicians ask us about them and where to find them. You can now purchase them from AutoLecture.com (PDR Tools, Products & Accessories) and have one just like ours.

The lighted line board is perfect for on the go PDR techs and who like to use lines or simply want to cross check their work with a different reflection. Watch the video for more info and visit AutoLecture.com for more info and pricing.


AutoLecture.com – Auto Recon Resource Center for Online Training, DVDs, Videos, Marketing

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AutoLecture.com is set to re-launch new web site by late January. AutoLecture.com specializes in promoting auto reconditioning in regards to marketing, purchasing tools, downloading paintless dent repair/ removal tutorials and training dvds and even video production.

AutoLecture.com is about featured products and marketing aspects geared toward the auto reconditioning companies that want to excel in the retail world, while capturing different angles of the industry.

This is the only auto recon site that will actually help you create a professional web site, video or even customize a marketing campaign that works! Even if you don’t need that particular help, there are other things as well, like products, tools and downloadable tech articles & videos for your purchase convenience. You can also video preview almost every product before you purchase as well!

We hope you’ll check it late January and look around. We’ll give a shout out soon as we’re all finished.

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