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Glo Ghost Boards

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**Attention** These boards are a neon lime green. In some shots of photos and videos, color may vary depending on camera’s aperture. The new Glow Ghost PDR board series was designed to create a brighter reflection based on any direction you place the board on the panel. It’s made of a flexible, light weight acrylic, that traps outside light into the board. The Ghost Board series is made with a matte film to eliminate glare while producing the maximum amount of reflection. You’ll also be pleased with the rubber bumper that is form fitted around the edge. This will eliminate scratching panels and damaging your board from drops. The GG boards will also have plastic washers mounted around the aperture to prevent you from over tightening while retaining a smooth adjustment.

The amount of detail has improved for the fog especially. You’ll have no trouble at all whether the board is close to the panel or further away. Incredible detail that displays just the right amount of orange peel for you to see and perform your pdr repair better. The GG Boards really shine when you are working in direct sunlight and need to shade the panel at same time to see your reflection. For instance, if you are working on a hood, it’s often it’s too bright to see well. With the GG board, face the backside towards the sun and let the shadow of the board cast over the dent. You’ll notice your glare is eliminated while still revealing a reflection against the panel.

There are 4 different new Glow Ghost Boards to choose from. Fog, Hybrid, Lines and the all new Cross Trainer. With the all new Cross Trainer, you’ll have fog on each end and 2 lines in the middle for seeing the last detail to cross check. Either way how you use it, you’ll appreciate the benefits it offers. Each design is sure to accommodate and satisfy any outdoor pdr tech.

When using your GG board, we recommend when you want to turn or change the angle of your board, use the loc line where it connects, instead of grabbing the corner of your board. This will prevent premature snapping and extend a much longer use and lifespan of your new Glow Ghost Board.

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