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Deep Dings 101 – Keep It Clean – PDR Training Video (Download)

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This is a download – Being an above average PDR tech requires you to be able to finish properly. The Deep Dings 101 video is sure to help give you insight about the process. From tips on tool usage, techniques and three very detailed deep ding removals, will assist your learning curve.

It’s all about keeping your dent clean as you go. This video shows how you can remove deep dings without jeopardizing the paint finish and becoming messy.

-This video will demonstrate exactly what tool tips to use as you go into the dent and finish..

-Using heat and how it helps assist your deep dent and why.

-About drilling. When to use the drill and properly seal your hole.

-Getting the pit out. It’s all about the finish. We show you the clean technique.

-Three lessons with commom deep dings you will see often.

DVD Time Length: 1 hour and 33 minutes.

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