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Creases n Things – PDR Crease Repair Training Video (Downlaod)

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This is a download video – Enjoy watching instantly on your computer! Our fourth series – Creases n Things is about how to approach creases using a line board. You will be introduced to what tools are used, techniques and detailed explanations.

We want you to really understand how to keep your crease clean at all times while performing good paintless dent removal habits. Execution is key and will help you maintain tool tip control with less mistakes.

Creases n Things goes over the how and why. We don’t just show you how it’s done but demonstrate the purpose of passes and why it’s important to take your time. Remember, creases are like a long pit and you must be pin point accurate if you are going to have a successful repair.

This DVD offers so much information regarding technique, PDR tools used and how to read your line board for the smallest amount of detail. We guarantee you will find this video very helpful and benefit in the real world situations.

Teaser clip below. Official trailer coming soon..

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