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Sharp Body Line Dent Subaru STI

When it comes to paintless dent repair across a body line, prepare for a long and hard fight, a lot of patience and hopefully a good outcome.

This pdr repair took about 3 hours to remove and I charged $375. A lot less than a body shop and a lot more convenient too.

Unfortunately most consumers don’t realize the involvement it takes and skill to actually have a paintless dent repair turn out so well. As many times I stated before, pdr is not like buying a gallon of milk at the store. A consumer needs to really do their homework before just choosing any pdr company to do their work. Of coarse one of the biggest mistakes consumers do when choosing a pdr company is they look for the cheapest price. BIG MISTAKE. Would you look for the cheapest doctor to work on your health? PDR techs are also like doctors. Some are average, some are bad and some are very, very good. It’s all about consistency. An experienced pdr tech performs excepetional work constantly while new pdr techs or impatient pdr tecs hurry themselves and can’t perform a clean repair.

Body lines are all about tapping down in the right crown zones and using the right tools with tips to push. I always try to stay eye level when I am working a dent and especially when recreating a body line. Switching sides often and cross checking keeps my dent repair balanced and even so in the end I have an exceptional outcome.

Below you see the photos of the before an after.



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