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I had a call yesterday from San Diego Muscle Cars in Escondido and it was a pleasant surprise on the vehicles I got to work on… but it was some work. I only took before and after photos of the one out three I did. Below you can see the gallery of the before and after shot with the 68 Dodge Super Bee. The other two were a 1950 red classic Dodge welder truck and Shelby GT. Talk about heavy metal.. more like a tank. Let’s put it this way, I didn’t have to go to the gym after the day was done.

I have a video about the Super Bee coming later but no details when. I have a lot of projects in the future and between training and other video projects, I am already backed up for the first three months. A good thing but can be somewhat stressful. But it’s all good. So anyhow, take a peek at the photos below.