Cincopa video hosting solution for your website. Another great product from Cincopa Send Files.

The Robo Lite is very light weight. Easy to set up and break down. For the get up and go PDR tech who needs a PDR shop lite when ever needed, then you may consider the Robo Light.

There are some really cool features that seem to stand out. One stand out feature is the sliders. One on each side to control the intensity of the fade. On this Robo Lite, it had on one side, cool white and the other, warm. You can customize how you would like the fade. Now the other benefit is it comes with a remote. The remote activates up to three more LED’s. This one had green, blue and red. Actually blue happened to be my favorite. Very bright and reminded me of a light saber.

The fade gave a really interesting deep contrast. I created a crease on a hood which showed a really nice deep fade. I also tested it on a repainted Bentley that had hardly any orange peel. It picked up the detail of the dents very nice as well.

Here is what I thought about the Robo Lite in person.