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Precision Dents 909.367.5203 of Riverside and San Bernardino provide high quality mobile paintless dent repair and door ding removal. Most dings and dents removed within 30-60 minutes with guaranteed satisfaction.

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Mobile Paintless Door Ding Removal and Minor Dent Repair (PDR) is “the art of massaging metal back into its original form.” It is the fastes, most efficient, cost effective method for removing door dings, creases and minor dents. The beauty about PDR is, no painting,no bondo or fillers involved! In addition, your dent is removed without even disturbing your factory or custom finish.

Performing PDR takes much practice and long experience to produce consistent, high quality results time and time again. Within minutes, skilled technicians will impress you right before your eyes as they instantly restore your vehicle’s appearance and resale value from those unsightly dings and dents. In most cases, a single car door ding repair can take 10-20 minutes and multiple dings usually under 1 hour.