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Ah creases.. they are indeed one of the most funnest dents to remove.. well not really. Truthfully creases are one of the most difficult to remove because it’s like folding a piece of paper and then ironing the line out. If you thought sharp dings and dents were hard, then imagine trying to pin point a continuous deep pit.

It takes extreme precision and combined experience to remove a crease 95-100%. This all depends of course how deep the crease is and the location. Most techs work a crease from side to side and this is generally the best way to accomplish a success pdr repair. But creases deserve a lot attention and constant movement with your reflection. Tools are a huge factor. It’s a good idea to shrink the crease with a padded tip (like the soft tip) or use tape to cushin the head of your tool. Last thing you want to do is crack or pock up the paint.

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