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Quick Crown Lesson on PDR Training

OK here is a little more insight about my PDR crown removal lesson. Not much to watch but some very important details.

Most veteran PDR techs understand crowns, eye brows, high spots and trapped pressure. And then there are some who don’t. Dents in some cases don’t always appear to be a problem but looks can be deceiving.

Tapping down pressure needs to performed correctly. Some are obvious and some are not. Depending on the panel, you must identify how soft or strong the metal is. Determine what tap down you start with so you can prevent tap down mistakes. Here is a little video about where to look for crowns.

Myke Toledo


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  1. Something new I’ve been doing is using a slap hammer to knock down some of the bigger crowns. It pushes down a lot of area on each hit. I also use the Ultra Dent Tools soft tip knock down on the smaller ones. I find that doing a little pushing after a few slaps makes the slapping go much faster. On bigger crowns, you can trap yourself if all you do at first is knock down. If the center is too deep and knocking the crown down doesn’t soften the center, you can make it impossible to get the crown to lay flat. I love the bits of advice you’ve been giving. Thanks and keep it up!

  2. That’s a very correct explanation on the topic, being a skilled in PDR I always look for resources to learn more and more often and yours is good one, happy ti find on google. I would follow regularly your posts as are of my interest.

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