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PDR Training Women – Are They Capable?

woman learning pdr training

Let’s get this out the way because I’m gong to give you a spoil alert. Woman make great PDR technicians. It’s not all the time I have the opportunity to train woman in the art of PDR. Matter of fact, it’s a great honor and opportunity.

What Makes A Woman PDR Tech A Good PDR Tech?

Just like any other potential paintless dent removal technician, PDR takes lots of patience, focus and confidence. You have those characteristics, you’ll have great potential. No matter if you are a man or woman, you need that.

One thing that makes woman a good pdr technician these days is they have more self-esteem than most men do. Woman have –as they should.. a chip on their shoulder. I see the drive and will to be not just good but great at learning paintless dent removal.

It’s pretty obvious too that woman can generally handle pressure a bit more than men. They are problem solvers — mentally and even physically. I know.. I’m married to one. 😉

Below, I listed top 5 things why woman make good pdr technicians.

  1. Women are detail oriented
  2. Women are patient
  3. Women are able to multi-task
  4. Women are able to stay calm under pressure
  5. Woman have excellent problem solving skills

Does a Woman Have A Physical Disadvantage Over A Man?

Not going to lie.. yes. However, when learning about paintless dent removal, it’s about leverage. Understanding how to use your body weight, motion and leverage is key for any PDR tech.

Over the years paintless dent repair techniques have evolved, not to mention so did the tools. These PDR tools have helped both men and woman PDR techs have better control and leverage. One example are the adjustable handle systems. You can have them longer so you aren’t using as much physical force. This less force ads more leverage and control. Overall it offers less effort with a cleaner repair.

So It don’t matter if woman PDR techs are less stronger than men. I’ve trained a few small woman PDR techs who don’t let that head trash get in their way. It’s a “get-er done” attitude without a physical excuse mentality.

PDR Training Is Demanding No Matter Who You Are

It’s clear that women make excellent paintless dent repair technicians. They are capable of handling the physical demands of the job as well as the mental challenges. If you are interested in learning this trade, please contact us below. We would be happy to provide you with more information about our training programs and how we can help you start a successful career in paintless dent repair.

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