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PDR Training Students From Athens, Greece Part 1

Ok I have been quite busy lately training two fellas that are from Athens, Greece. They are here for the 4 week course and already on the sixth day and are making extraordinary progress.

As of right now we are in the deep ding / dent removal process. This involves precise tool tip placement, patience and acute hand-eye coordination. This type of dent is very challenging because of a center pit. The center pit needs to be worked out a certain way or it will over stretch, have miss-pushes or simply turn into a disaster.

I will have some footage of their progress and will post here exclusively which will not be seen anywhere but on my blog. The first photo is one of the guys named “Fotis” and he’s very quiet, patient and funny. The other great guy is “Alex” who is a strong willed person who is determined to succeed and stays persistent, not to mention very funny as well. Both guys have great characteristics and drive to develop into high quality pdr techs.

It’s so important when it comes to PDR training that you come with an open mind and drive. I mentioned to Alex and Fotis that paintless dent repair will be very challenging and test their patience and emotions before they ever got on a plane. And so far, learning pdr has already pushed them into new limits. I knew they were serious about learning and so far, they have taken their lessons well and I assume it will continue throughout their training. As I mentioned, I will take some video of their progress and post here tomorrow and try to update once or twice a week.

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