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I trained a PDR trainee Brad over a year ago in the art of paintless dent repair. He is from Fort Myers, Florida and he just emailed me how he had been doing.

Hey Myke, Its Brad from Fort Myers, FL just emailing to say hi. I have gotten a business up and running its taken me a little bit but I got there. I have been working on a web site its coming along nice – kinda work in progress. Well just want to say thanks, my training is paying off. My dents have been just getting better and better. If you get a chance check out my web site tell me what you think? I like the new Dent Time site the xb video with the 70’s tv show music is great. Well thanks again Myke talk to you later.


No thank you Brad for choosing me to train you. Your dent repairs look fantastic and clean. Keep pushing your skills and challenge yourself and soon you will be better than me. No joke because that is what I wish for every student I train.

Thanks again Brad and continued success.

Myke Toledo

— Myke Toledo