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Lately, I have been volunteering my time and effort with others to start an organization called, PDR Nation. It was created to help the paintless dent removal industry become stronger. A well built foundation is important. Our goals are to unite with passionate PDR leaders from all around the world to help set standards and guidelines for hail and PDR repairs.

Our passion for the trade is immense and we feel it’s important to support certification, ethics and organization. The benefits we feel will sustain a future for paintless dent removal and the hail industry as a whole. PDR Nation can’t do it by itself. We don’t want to work alone but in unity. From the small guy door dinger to the big hail companies around the world. We all need to help each other.

PDR Nation at this moment has made tremendous progress with a familiar big player in the auto body industry. Special thanks to Ryan Hampton for currently setting up discussions with Icar who might be willing to work with us on certification. We feel this is a big step towards recognition and leverage with insurance groups and body shops. Which can be a huge advantage for the “certified” hail and PDR companies. Not to mention, we have made swift progress in the Europe side as well. More to come on that as well.

We are rapidly making progress and many of you now are already helping. The ball is rolling and gaining momentum thanks to many of you individual PDR and hail companies around the world. We appreciate your willing effort to make PDR a recognized and respected industry. Thank you!

Please visit PDRNation.org for more info.

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