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I finally completed my collection of the PDR LED Lights. The last one to arrive came today and it’s probably one of the most interesting. I must say though, these LED lights don’t disappoint. Between PDR Pro Solutions, Ultra and Dent Specialist International, it will be a hard choice. Without giving too much a way, my advice.. Buy them all!

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PDR Tool Reviews

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  1. That’s a good question. I feel no matter what reflection you use, it comes down to how well you understand it. I use lines because I can see more detail. Fog lets me see the bottom of the dent easier. I can use both but I prefer lines. Not because it’s superior, but because I understand them better.

    However, the new LED’s really enhance the detail. I actually think they help reduce the eye strain compared to the traditional tube florescent lights. I will have some interesting setups for the viewers to check out.

  2. Are these available in different colours? Either the LEDs or the Cover? And can these be inter changeable? Also the cover on the one you have in hand ? Is it water proof? We do get the odd shower here in the UK. hahaha.

  3. Yes they are available in different colors like; blue, green, cool white and warm. The line board lens covers I will be selling online once we release the videos. I don’t know about water proof but probably water resistant.

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