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Will My Insurance Accept PDR Shops to do Repairs?

In short the answer is YES!

Oftentimes people are extremely hesitant to go through insurance for fear of raised prices and extra hidden fees and costs that are consistently added throughout the repair process. Here at DentTime we pride ourselves on transparency and take care of the insurance adjusters for you so you don’t have to worry. 

You have the right to choose any repair facility to fix your car

By Law the state of California allows you to choose any repair facility to fix your vehicle. While most insurances have direct auto repair partners and will try and push their list of approved facilities on you. You are not required to choose one from their list, the decision is yours. No matter what the choice of repair is up to you and that right is protected by law.

Different Types of Insurances

Do you know what different kind of insurances you have? Most people know about liability and collision coverage, but do you know about comprehensive insurance? Comprehensive insurance allows you to put in a claim to repair your vehicle if its stolen or damaged in an incident that’s not a collision. These instances can include, hit and run drivers while your car is parked on the street at night, door dings gifted to you in parking lots, and pesky trash cans that weren’t there a second ago. This claim will not count against you, and it allows you to utilize all the benefits your insurance has to offer, while also repairing your vehicle at a reasonably affordable price.

Insurances will try and persuade you

Paintless dent repair is the fastest repair process out there. What would normally take a traditional body shop weeks to repair, our PDR techs take days. However the insurance company will try and persuade you to use a shop in their network these are known as DRPs (direct repair program). The insurance companies use DRPs for the most “cost effective” repairs. In reality they use generic aftermarket, or even used parts that are often cheaper than what was originally on your vehicle, thus saving your insurance company money. Insurance will try and keep repair costs as low as they possibly can. This leaves the value of your vehicle decreasing with their conventional repair shops.

Ultimately the decision is up to the customer, you are not required to go with an insurance’s recommended DRP you are protected by law to choose whichever repair facility you feel most confident with to complete your repair.

Lifetime Warranty

Many insurances will try and convince you that getting your repair done through one of their DRPs is in your best interest because it comes with “lifetime warranty”. In reality any reputable repair shop will warranty their work. You can trust that here at DentTime we warranty our work along with satisfaction guaranteed and will have your best interests in repair services. We will ensure you get the best repair done necessary to maintain the value of your vehicle without having to deal with extensive lengthy repairs.

In A Nutshell

Insurance companies may try to steer you towards DRPs (direct repair program) for cost-effective repairs, but these facilities may use generic parts that lower your vehicle’s value. Insurance companies may claim a “lifetime warranty” with DRPs, but it’s important to know that a reputable repair shop like DentTime offers warranty and satisfaction guarantees.

Don’t let insurance companies dictate your repair options. Know your rights, understand insurance types, and choose the repair shop that will maintain the value of your vehicle. Trust the experts at DentTime for quality and professional repairs.


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