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Paul from Manchester, England began his second day of PDR training today. Based off what he learned from the videos I sent him prior to his PDR training, he learned a lot. I have to be honest too, he did attend a one week PDR course near his area as well.

Paul has very good patience, listens and learns quickly. Paul has already worked 2 pretty nice deep dings with 95-97% complete removal. Now on his second day, we are concentrating on a deep ding against a brace that has a slight high. I started him on the dent around 9am. Took an hour lunch and cracked back on it until 3:30pm. He still has about 15% left to go.

There are plenty of details in between just pushing and taping down. Moving the line board in different positions and switching sides are new habits for Paul to get use to. By the end of his training, this will become second nature. Keep it clean is the name of the game. I’ll keep you updated

on part 2.

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