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This 2 week paintless dent repair / removal (pdr) course offers a very challenging, one-on-one personal curriculum. The two week pdr training course offers more time to practice your techniques while learning and developing consistent good habits. In addition you’ll learn some advanced dent repair techniques, crown recognition, glue pulling, light creases, body lines and an introduction to big dent removals.

The two week paintless dent repair training course is designed to polish what you learned in the first week and put to work what you learned on a consistent foundation. You will be introduced to more types of dents in different situations. Depending on your learning curve, we move you into more challenging dents. You’ll also experience indoor and outdoor settings that train you for real situations that you will see in the wholesale and retail market.

Unlike any other pdr school, we want you to understand the truth. Learning pdr is very challenging, even though we offer a 2 week paintless dent repair / removal (pdr) training course, we strongly recommend you consider the 4 week pdr training course. Unfortunately many underestimate the time, skill and patience allowed to learn the art of paintless dent removal.

What You Will Learn In 2 Weeks.

Please understand every student is different, including yourself. It all depends how well you understand how to read the line board, getting your tool tip location (pin pointing) down and developing lots of patience. This 2 week pdr training course does involve glue pulling as well but don’t be surprised if most of your training is spent on how to finish deep dings. Finishing is the most important aspect of pdr. Without learning how to finish, you will struggle on creases, body lines and stretched dents. The first two weeks alone will take a lot of time getting use to your muscle memory, knocking down and identifying the details of the line board reflection. Our pdr training is NOT a set curriculum – which means, we are not going to move you on to the next level if you don’t understand what you have been learning. Our goal is to help you maintain and develop excellent pdr habits. From there, your foundations starts as a clean pdr tech who will make less mistakes with much better pdr repairs.

  • Reading the Line Board
  • Tool Usage
  • Deep Ding Exercises
  • Glue Pulling Techniques
  • Access Points
  • Recognizing Crowns
  • Light Creases

Your paintless dent repair training includes the Fabulous Starter Set from Auto Lecture / Ultra Dent Tools. These tools are one of the best pdr tools in the industry and we teach you about the specific uses of each one. The tools are each unique are are not in any shape or form duplicates. We explain with only 5 of the tools in this set, you will understand how to remove 90% of the dents you encounter. It’s not about how many tools you have, it’s about how well you understand the usage and purpose. This helps you become more efficient and productive when performing paintless dent removal.