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Sorry folks for the delayed video trailer but I just finished the edit. Here is a very good look at what I put in the video. Lots of animation, demonstrations and just plain good content. I spent quite some time on the video but I finally got around to produce something I wasn’t going to be embarrassed about from years to come.

One thing I recently added as an option is the downloadable pdr manual that is found on the dvd. Now you have the option to purchase just the dvd with no manual ($39.99) or with the downloadable manual for ($99.99). Either way, you can’t go wrong.

As mentioned before, I am currently editing the glue pulling video and coming out with another detailed trailer for that video as well. Lots more of intense “out in the street” video that you won’t want to miss. Real situations with real dents.

So if you want to learn a lot about the Line Board and even more about paintless dent repair, then purchase the Line Board 101 pdr training video today at

Thank you!
-Myke Toledo