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New Sister Web Site for Dent Time Launched “Dent Repair San Diego”

We recently launched another sister automotive reconditioning web site called “Dent Repair San Diego” www.DentRepairSanDiego.com This site has actually been existing for over 3 years but we decided to give it a serious makeover.

Our goal was to create an even better and more exciting site than our official web site DentTime.com Although Dent Time still has it’s flavor, we really like our new look for Dent Repair San Diego. It has all the goodies needed to give our customers what they are looking for. And that is called, “answers.” We provide lots of video and we mean lots. From individual showcasing to a video gallery hosted by Youtube, there is always some sort of entertainment regarding the San Diego Dent Time automotive reconditiong services.

Our next goal was to educate but not ovewhelm. We wanted to keep it informative but not too busy. A blanced web site was what we were focused on. Clutter on a site can really kill the eyes and influece the visitor to click off right away. But with that in mind, we created each page to have it’s own feel. Some had more info than others but as I mentioned earlier, we kept our site balanced.

From paintless dent removal (PDR) to bumper and wheel repair, this web site is totally built for intrest. We plan to add more pages and articles as the site gets bigger. But as for now, we are actually still concentrating on the existing pages and polishing up the site. So bare with us, it’s considered still under construction.

We hope you like the site and if you would like to comment or give us some input, please do.


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