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New PDR Tools from Blehm

I just happened to browse Blehm’s PDR Tool site and low and behold, I see the new ratchet adjustable handles. They instantly caught my attention and I had to purchase some and try them for myself. I already purchased his whale tails about 3 -4 years ago and they were great. But since then, I lost one of my favorites.

Now it’s important I mention right off the bat I am not bias. I do get paid to produce Ultra Dent Tools but not only because of the money. It’s because I believe in them. I also believe in a lot of other PDR tool companies as well. Frankly, I know most of the tool companies and I understand each one of them make some great tools. So for now on when I do a review, it’s because I paid for the tool. I also won’t do a bad review either. If it’s not worth using, it’s not worth mentioning. I only want to be positive and fair. Review what I like and show off the benefits with my point of view.

But back to the review. First let me explain that I made the order late on a Sunday night. I did have the option to pay extra for faster shipping but opt for the cheapest because I was in no hurry. I purchased two adjustables and one whale tail. By Monday morning, I get a response by email they already shipped my tools and were to arrive by Friday! I thought that was really fast for not being in a hurry.

So Friday comes and I get a notice my tools arrived already at my home. When I arrive home early evening, there are no tools at my door step. I call my wife and she said she never saw them. At this point I think my dent repair tools were stolen. Anyhow, long story short, my tools were delivered t0 the wrong house. Finally, I track them down and pick them up and it was all good.

Now the Fun Part.

Tools were packaged as if they were fragile but I did appreciate the care. After all they are made out of steel and hard plastic. I pull out one of the Adjustables and it was a beauty. The handle fit comfortably in my hand and felt like a Snap On Tool itself. The ratchet is very well made and works wonderful. I simply pull up the handle and turn into my choice of position without struggle. There is some slight play but that doesn’t seem to bother me.

As mentioned, I bought two adjustables. One 5/16″ diameter, that was 14″ in length and one 3/8″ Diameter, 23″ length. I like the short one when I am eye level and don’t have to reach far from the door. As for the longer and pointed one, I use for all panels and to finish. I can tell you, I really like them and actually makes me want to get to work fast. Below is the video about the tools I bought with a detailed review. Hope you like and enjoy. Thank you.

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PDR Tool Reviews

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  1. I bought the 3/8″ tool a couple of weeks ago and you’re right, the do have snap-on quality stuff. The handle was contoured very well. I had been using the A-1 version for a few years now but it has a machined ball at the end of it that beats up my had if I’m not wearing a glove. With this Blehm tool, I don’t need gloves.

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