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Bentley Dent Repair Short / Canon 7d / Indi Slider Mini from Myke Toledo on Vimeo.

I decided to do a much more simple video but step up the cinematography dramatically. This was a newer 2009 Bentley Brooklands. My technician “Bebo” was the one who performed the work so i could actually concentrate on filming for once. 

One thing I like more than anything is shooting video. It has to be a good video or I won’t edit or even release it to the public. I have so much other vehicles I have done that seem interesting for paintless dent or bumper repair but I hate shaky video! In my early days I didn’t understand what I was doing. Now, I think I am taking a film maker approach. I like to stay fresh and think of new ideas. Some I want to do more than once but behind the scenes there is a lot of preparation. I like to do things right but it can get pricey and over budget. So I guess I will have to keep working after all.. what a bummer. Oh well, that’s life so I can’t complain too bad. I love to keep my videos interesting so here’s one that I hope you have enjoyed if you did not watch already. 

Take care
-Myke Toledo