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Networking with PDR Star in St. Louis, Missouri / Hail Damage Paintless Dent Repair / Removal

I recently been talking to Eric Hummel from PDR Star and am proudly taking on a project to help his company grow on the web community. Not only is it good for his web presence but a way to network with other paintless dent repair / removal – hail damage repair companies.

Networking is the future with paintless dent repair companies and always has been for any other type of business. Unfortunately most pdr companies are afraid to network with other companies because of multiple reasons. One of the strongest reasons I believe pdr techs don’t network is because of an insecurity reason. Another common one is that they have an ego thinking they are too good to be associated with other pdr companies and they will never need them. Truth is, the bigger the paintless industry gets, the more you know, the more you grow. So if you find yourself locked in a cave and think you know it all.. that’s when you get passed right up.

Ever wonder how such young experienced pdr techs are getting so much better so much faster? One big reason is because of all the information on the web. Oh and they are more likely to ask questions, try new things and network. These are very strong characteristics of any person in any business that wants to continue to grow and become better. That’s why I credit my own success because I am always willing to learn from others no matter what their experience or background is.

PDR Star is a veteran hail repair company who not only wants to build a bigger web presence but associate themselves with as many credible pdr techs as possible. A simple example would be if you were in a dealership and all of a sudden your dealer gets hit with hail. What do you do? Who do you know? You don’t just want some hacker hail company or broker coming in town and taking over most of your work because you don’t any additional help or a back up plan? This is called the power of networking. It works both ways and one day, you’ll need to use that ace you have in the back of your pocket.

So my long point is.. Don’t let your ego or fear get in the way of growing your company. As long as you are willing to try new things and learn.. you’ll come across new opportunities that benefit you far beyond what you thought possible.

I will post some of the progress I will be doing as well so stay tuned for updates with PDR Star. You can also visit their website at PDRStar.com or contact Eric direct at 1-888-85-DENTS

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