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My Newest Video Rig / Zacuto Meets Redrock / Crossbreed

As most of you know already I am heavily into filming video. I am asked a lot about my cameras and equipment. As of now I have three different rig set ups. Depending what I am shooting and how, my need for different rigs are crucial. This one happens to be a run n gun set up that allows me to mount a 1080I Canon vixia hfs100 and the Canon 7D that is capable of stills and shooting full 1080p. But some of you are saying to yourselves, “why do that when the 7d can do it all?” Well unfortunately the 7D can’t stay in focus all the time and I need that instant focus when moving around. That is why I mounted the Vixia. I can cross shoot what ever I want and if need be, concentrate on a cinematic shot with my 7D. It’s a win – win situation for me.

Now this is not ideal for most videographers but I think it is for weddings, car events, interviews or whatever. But I use it for my paintless dent repair and bumper repair videos mostly. I don’t really miss a thing with my crossbreed camera rig made from Zacutorapid fire” and Redrock Micro

Here are some photos of the crossbreed rig with the following gear.

Canon Vixia HF S100
Cannon Directional Microphone
Canon 7D
Rhode Video Mic
Zacuto Viewfinder
Zacuto Rapid Fire
Redrock Micro Hand Grip

Redrock Micro Base Plate

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