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My first thoughts on Titan Tabs

Well, I would much like to give my full review.. But I can’t.  Just a little too busy these days. And I apologize. But rather put the whole review off, I can at least tell you ahead that you will really like new Titan Tabs. But there are just some small challenges. More on that later.

When they arrived I instantly notice the size. Definitely thick, I would say twice as thick as the, “O”riginal “G”angster Atlas tabs.

Right off the bat, I like the tabs very much. If I just used my slide hammer all the time, then I wouldn’t need anything else. But let me tell you, there will be some changes to accommodate the mini lifter guys and gals out there.  What I’m getting at is that the shaft is a little too long and you can’t get a full pop or pull. Basically I run out of space to squeeze my handle, which doesn’t allow me to maximize my lift. Now I can’t really speak for every mini lifter but I would assume it could be a possible challenge for most.

I called Lincoln and emailed to talk to him about this challenge. Little was I aware, he was in Spain but called me back anyhow. That was unnecessary but I really appreciated it. He seemed to agree about the length and thought the same. It turns out, his intentions was to create a slide hammer tab. A slide hammer tab that would add more strength to an already reliable Atlas Tab.

Lincoln also mentioned he talked to Terry Siegal regarding the tabs, who is the director for the “Dent Olympics” event at MTE. Terry also gave some input about the heads. He felt perhaps the head might be too wide. I can see his point. If you aren’t paying attention and don’t place the head pointing in the right direction your mini lifter would be out of position. Basically you can’t move your mini lifter prong freely around the top of the shaft head. Now that doesn’t really bother me but I do get Terry’s point of view.

Anyhow, Lincoln is aware of the shaft length. He plans to make future shaft modifications to ensure maximum pull with mini lifters. Will he change the size of the heads as well? We will have to wait and see.

Now back to the performance. The tabs pull strong and secure. It feels solid when I pull and hold well. I like the flat oval ones a lot. You will use more glue with these Titan tabs. I like that because the new oval diameter have deeper and pitted patterns, which need more glue to create a better vacuum to create a better bond.




Like I mentioned, I would like to give a more in depth review but I need more time and realize this isn’t the final product. So it’s best I wait for the full video review to show.  So my early thoughts about it, I like it, especially for the slide hammer usage. But I don’t see myself only buying one type of tabs. Lets just say, you can’t go wrong with a set of both the Atlas / Titan tab series.

Lincoln mentioned since he won’t be at the MTE, he would like to send me a bunch of Titan tabs to give out for free at MTE. I will be arriving Thursday night, so look for me on Friday and I will give a set away to you. First come first serve while supplies last. One set per person.



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