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Mini PDR Training Documentary Coming Soon.

For a while I have been wanting to finish up my latest PDR training documentary. It’s not a long one but I would say it’s definitely informative. Not all pdr trainees leave at the same level. If I told you they do, I wouldn’t be truthful. My main objective is to make sure they leave understanding the technique. The last thing I don’t want, is my student leaving confused.

This PDR documentary will focus on how hard PDR really is. It will also demonstrate if you prepare well enough and do ton of research, you’ll most likely agree there are few good one on one PDR courses available. Before you just choose the cheapest, closest and shortest PDR training possible, understand you usually have only one shot to learn correctly from the start. If you are lucky and survived the one week PDR training mill, like a few of my past students, you might have another shot. But take my advice, do it right the first time.

Mark is my past student from Holland and he did incredibly well. Mainly because he booked his PDR training 8 months ahead. He also watched my DVDs over and over again. By the time he came to the States, his fundementals of PDR was very polished. It was even amazing for me to see how much preparation made a huge difference. We didn’t waste a lot of time doing the basics.

I really encourage anyone looking for PDR training to do their homework. Most people only have one chance to take their best chance. Check out some of the screen shots of the video and Mark’s repairs he takes on. Just a quick note, he’s not a veteran PDR tech. He’s brand new but as I mentioned, he came prepared and mentally had a very good head start. Can’t wait to show you guys and gals the upcoming video this month FOR SURE! 🙂

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