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Marc’s PDR Journey

Ever wonder what it’s like in a 4 week PDR training course? I can’t speak for all the schools but I can speak for my company Dent Time. I love to film what I do and film my students when I can. I was fortunate to capture Marc’s PDR training and thought it would be interesting to show how it went.

This video’s intention is to share how challenging PDR can be. It’s even harder when you don’t have a full four weeks and a full time instructor over your shoulder. PDR demands attention and you should too. I hear lots of stories and I mean lots of TRUE stories of my past students who went to other schools first and did not get what they paid for. Veteran PDR techs all know learning PDR takes time and good instruction from the beginning. If you haven’t chosen a school or course yet, please consider this video as a guide. You should compare what you will be doing to what Marc has done. Now granted, your training won’t be the exact but similar. Depending on your skill level and learning curve, students vary. What you can count on is consistent learning with good habits.

My teaching method involves a foundation. Learning deep dings and keeping it clean. Once you learn that step, I can move you on to other dents and techniques. Don’t expect me to just push you through and say that’s good enough. If your technique isn’t up to par, we go no further. I want you to become very good at what you are learning at the moment because that will spill into the next dent and techniques.

PDR all comes down to finishing. If you can’t finish a deep ding, you certainly aren’t going to finish a big dent. Understand big dents shrink down to small dents and you work in full circle. The last 10-5% is the most hardest and I mean freaking aggravating. Pin pointing takes tremendous patience and And concentration. So check out the video and see what I mean. Kick back, get a chair and just watch away.

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PDR Students,PDR Training

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