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Yesterday was Josue’s (from Puerto Rico) first day of his 4 week paintless dent repair training. It went well and smooth. Hardly wasted anytime on finding his tool tip and got right into deep ding removal. I know it’s still way early to tell how the overall PDR course for Josue will be but he’s got a real good feel for it so far.

Before I see my students, I send them a DVD to help kick start their thought process. A visual how to identify the dent in the line reflection, tapping down and how to push. Josue’s pushes were very accurate and will continue to progress. I know he will do well but the question will be how much can he learn. Everyone is different and not every student can achieve the same goals. What is the most important with PDR training is that he learn the good habits and technique. Long as my student understand that with patience, any goal can be achieved.