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I don’t Work for Free

This post is not a stab at anyone trying to get a good deal or on a budget. It’s merely a post that brings awareness about what type of services I offer. I didn’t learn over night, nor do I have a magic wand and get things accomplished within minutes or even hours. Whether you are a customer or another PDR tech in the industry, my services I offer, often take me years to understand.

It baffles me when somebody assumes that I have a super machine that takes out a dent without putting one finger on it. It also baffles me when fellow PDR companies ask for my assistance and don’t realize the set up time to make things look very professional. I can cut corners and make things look like I did it half a@# but I don’t. It takes much time to bring all of what I had been learning, into a polished and successful service or product. As many of you know, it took over a year, months and lots of hours to take a door ding out in less than 15 minutes consistently. What people see from only the outside is misleading as you know. It’s no different with any other service. So the next time a plumber, instructor or good web designer who has a good rep, gives a quote, don’t insult them. Just like you would not want to be.

My motive about this post is not to insult anyone but express my passion for the work I do. Whether it be a PDR repair or a video I produce, I give it my all. If I met another person that shared half the passion as I do when it came to a service or product I needed, I wouldn’t hesitate giving him/her my business at all. Nor would I question the cost compared to the value it would give me. I once heard a good saying, “Cost is something you pay for. Value is something you get.”

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