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How Long Does It Take to Learn PDR?

How Long Does Paintless Dent Removal / Repair (PDR) Take To Learn?

The answer is.. your whole career. I’m not kidding either. Now I know that sounds contradicting since I train paintless dent removal on a professional level. Training someone how to learn pdr takes weeks to understand the technique but on the other hand, learning how to master pdr takes years.

I personally train most techs four weeks because there is a great deal to understand and this helps absorb good habits. It is almost certain you will NOT grasp pdr in a 1 week pdr training course (5 days). Now I’m not saying it’s impossible but your learning curve doesn’t begin to really develop until AFTER the first week alone.

However, patience is the key. If you don’t have patience, you should not put yourself through a ton of frustration. You may not have heard this enough or not at all but learning pdr is very challenging to say the least. As much as pdr appears easy.. it’s not. I’ve been told time and time again from my trainees, that learning pdr was the hardest thing they had experienced in life. Patience is always the factor when it comes to learning how to read the line/fog board reflection, tool pin pointing and eye-hand coordination.

Now going back to the question. You never stop learning as long as you are ALWAYS willing to learn. Huh, you ask? Let me explain. Vehicles change, sheet metal changes, tools change and life in general changes. During those changes, so should you by combining experience, technique and pushing yourself to just try. This is what we exactly preach throughout the pdr training course. It’s important a well rounded pdr tech learns to change and adapt as time goes on.

Here at Dent Time we make a conscious effort to give our pdr trainees the most challenging experience possible. This helps develop the learning curve beyond the average training school. It is our policy we train our students individually to ensure a complete and well rounded pdr course.

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