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Fun Video Chips Theme;- San Diego Mobile Service Company for Dent / Bumper Repair

Well, I just received a cool new toy for doing videos. I bought a camera mount for my vehicle that suctions to the outside. I spent about 2 hours total shooting and editing. At first I was going to just see how the clips looked on the computer. Well, one thing led to another and I just could not help throwing something together.

As always, I won’t do something if I am not going to have fun. This time I had a little theme. I grew up in the 1970’s tv series “Chips” and thought it would be kinda cool to imitate the theme. And now you know why I made a mobile bumper / dent repair video like this. Something simple but effective. Videos these days don’t have to be super fancy or have all the expensive gear to achieve your goals (I should know!). Heck, lately I have been making interesting videos with just my Iphone. I just bought a little stabilizer for that too. I love to create videos because not only is it fun, you can actually preserve what you did in the past. A real live memory. So whether it’s for your business or personal, get out there and shoot a video!

Now that I went totally off topic, I guess I should plug my business, since this blog is really geared for it. The wrap you see on my vehicle (06 Scion XB) is a two layered wrap that has chrome on top as well. It’s my second wrap and I am actually thinking of getting a new one by early winter. The wheels are two piece, made by Gram Lights. I like wheels and that is what always makes or breaks the way a car looks in my opinion. Image means a lot to me. I am not speaking for others though. Some like simple and some like it loud. That’s why we are called individuals.

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