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Yesterday I put Nico to the test when it came to removing long creases on Ford metal. Performing paintless dent repair and deep door ding removal can be somewhat a little bit of a challenge. Some may not be aware of the resistance Ford sheet metal has. When you push, it does not react as well like most other sheet metal. Besides aluminum, this particular manufacture (Ford) contains a different mix of elements that give Ford sheet metal more strength.

I had Nico work on a very long 38″ long crease. But wait, there was another factor. Not only was it a long crease and on a Ford, it had some type of backing on the back of the skin to keep road noise to a minimum. What this means is that it is very difficult to place your tool tip and be very accurate. I showed Nico how to manage this challenge with specific tools and tips to obtain the best results. Still, it was very much indeed a big pain.

Nico was on the crease for 5 hours and had very good success with accurate pushes. Some struggles as expected but understanding how to manage the struggle was more important. He will be finishing up the crease later this afternoon.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

— Myke Toledo