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Escape PDR Dent Repair – Glue Pull

(San Diego – Oceanside) On Saturday, I had an opportunity to remove this dent from a Ford Escape. It was one of our repeats who was unfortunate to get this dent on the rear quarter panel.

So I broke out the glue system for demonstration purposes that will be featured on the new Glue Pull Practicals next month. To be honest, most of this dent would have pooped out using a strong suction cup and them pushing the rest with a soft tip.

The Escape was in great condition with tons of wax on the panel which made my job difficult getting the glue to adhere good to the panel. If this ever happens to you, come prepared like I did not. You need to get some light compound and rub on the panel so it creates a surface for the glue to grip. Or if you don’t have that, perhaps if you’re brave enough, try using some 2000 sand paper and scoring the clear just enough.

Next was removing the crown which most techs underestimate. Using the right tap down tips are crucial so you don’t get those tap down pits. Choosing the right knock down tips helps you from spending more time fixing what you could have prevented in the first place.  As you can see the dent came out and all was well. You’ll just have to see the exact details when the new video comes out next month.  For more info please contact Myke Toledo at 858-699-2054 or visit our website at www.denttime.com

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